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Also known as “Johnson House”

Will work with you on money.

Men's Sober Living in Lexington, Kentucky

  • * Allows i.e. Suboxone prescription?
    Medical: No
  • Associations: 12 Step's or Faith
  • Entry: (?)
  • Rent: $70 weekly
  • Smoking: Designated Area

Sobriety Requirements: For first 30 days no payment is required, Must attend 2 in house and out house meetings for a total of 4 a week, Must obtain a sponsor within 2 weeks, Possible to obtain a Job after the first 30 Days

We have a house manager name on file, but you can update this. We have a house manager phone on file, but you can update this. We have an address on file, but you can update this.

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We've already pre-filled as much information as we know about the house. We don't share the house manager contact information or address on this website for privacy reasons and only use the contact information for sending referrals and the address for verifying purposes.



    YesNoDesignated Area

    In Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky

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