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Women's Sober Living in Lexington, Kentucky

  • * Allows i.e. Suboxone prescription?
    Medical: No
  • Associations: 12 Step Program
  • Entry: $300
  • Rent: $225 weekly
  • Smoking: No

Sobriety Requirements: Rent is $900 monthly Must have at least 6 months sober if resident completes all Phases at The Trudge House must have 1 year sober to apply if potential resident did not go through The Trudge House program. Housing is limited to women in recovery only. Resident is still subject to substance testing at any time. This is the Phase 4 program of The Trudge House which is independent living. Potential residents will complete an application with the Owner to see if they meet the requirements. This is a 3 bedroom 1 bath house that is fully furnished for $900 per month utilities not included. This house is perfect for women that have an established recovery program looking for their own place. You are still subject to drug testing while living there but you may have guests over and you may have children living with you. For more information to see if this house is available please contact Cal Memering.

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    In Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky

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